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My Producing Resume

Below is my producing resume highlighting my experience in film/video, digital and media work. To view a copy of my full CV (which includes work in the fields of public relations, marketing, finance etc.) click here.


JOSUBU Productions (Freelance)                                                                          Nutley, NJ

Producer/Writer                                                                                June 2015- October 2015                                                                                                                                              

Oversee multiple medical documentary productions simultaneously from pre-production to post production phases, and CBS television late night promos during the post production phase

Correspond with high-end clients on an everyday basis

Ensure that all assets are obtained to finalize productions

Help craft scripts

Production Office Management

Communicate tasks clearly & effectively to in-house editors

Aid in the hiring of freelance/part-time staff

Budgeting projects


Jerrick Media (Freelance)                                                                                Englewood, NJ

Video Production Manager/Copy Writer                                         February 2015 – April 2015

Delegate Tasks to the cinematographers/editors, track progress (Google Sheets)

Schedule-out videos to be published on 5 different verticals/websites (WordPress)

Ensure that videos are properly tagged and titled on our third party cloud server (BrightCove)

Treat/Create Copy for the videos; Write articles that correlate with the videos, and have web writer insert shopping elements (WordPress)

Produce/Coordinate organic videos created on-site in the green screen room (Casting, storyboard, scriptwriting, etc.)

Attend meetings to keep executives abreast of the video play analytics (BrightCove)

Create list of videos to be promoted via Social Media to the Social Media Manager (Google Sheets)

Offices of Mike Michalowicz                                                               Mountain Lakes, NJ Personal Assistant/Coordinator                                                     November 2013 – July 2014

Schedule Mike’s appointments (mainly using Google Apps)

Coordinate travel arrangements and/or upcoming media events (interviews, T.V. appearances, etc.)

Edit blogs, draw illustrations, and scan/upload them to his website via Wordpress

Promote Mike’s articles and upcoming media appearances via Hootsuite

Upkeep Mike’s contact list (using multiple CRM’s)

Package & ship Mike’s books (orders come through Amazon)

Monitor phone conferences


Butter Tree Studios                                                                                     East Hanover, NJ Executive & Marketing Assistant/Production Coordinator               January 2013 – June 2015


Search and pitch business opportunities to prospective clients

Conduct market research

Assist with current and upcoming production projects

Schedule production sessions

Create and distribute invoices

Submit equipment rental requests


Nevets Productions                                                                                     East Hanover, NJ

Producer/Actress (Freelance)                                                           April 2011-  October 2014

Work behind the scenes on the website ( as a: casting director, social media manager, storyboard artist, development associated, screenwriter, scheduler, etc.

Worked in front of the camera as an actress for several productions


East Coast Professional Wrestling (ECPW)                                            Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Producer/Interviewer (freelance)                                                        March 2013 – June 2013

Record pre-taped backstage interviews with ECPW wrestler/actors for public broadcast television

Collaborate with the wrestlers and producers to generate ideas for on-air content                                                                                                     Ridgewood, NJ

Host/Writer/Producer                                                                           January 2013-May 2013

Created content for an online video gaming community

Performed celebrity interviews at red carpet events (WWE, Cheech & Chong, Half the Sky charity gaming event, etc.)

Produced/Wrote/Acted in original video content


Nickelfish IDM                                                                                                   Mendham, NJ  Producer/Quality Assurance                                                                  April 2011- May 2012                                                                           

Ensured the quality of production company assets such as websites, mobile applications, and designs

Created test cases to assist the developers in correcting outstanding errors

Assisted executive/senior producers with project content (i.e. writing, proofreading, content upload, copywriting, etc.), HTML layout adjustments, reformatting videos for web/mobile applications



Reelife Media                                                                                                     Carlstadt, NJ  Production Manager                                                                          July 2010- February 2011

Assisted with post-production editing; logging/capturing footage, DVD creation/dubbing, media storage

Coordinated and wrote video-shoot scripts for high-end clientele & events

Managed the office; attending to the duties of an executive assistant


CM Marketing Group                                                                                   Santa Monica, CA

Director/Cinematographer (freelance)                                               October 2008- June 2009


Shot and edited promotional videos for clients’ websites

Met with the clients and producers to discuss clients’ target needs


Cosgrove-Meurer Productions                                                                         Burbank, CA   Post Production Assistant/Receptionist                                        April 2008 – February 2010                                                                                

Assisted with post-production paperwork (tape logs, wrote captions, etc.)

Handled front desk duties including answering phones, maintaining schedules, and introducing clients

ABC/Touchstones Entertainment                                                                   Burbank, CA

Casting Assistant/Actress (freelance)                                                                    March 2006                     


Interviewed and made casting decisions on prospective actors/actresses

Worked as an extra and a stand-in for the pilot shoot of the television drama “Hollis & Rae”

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