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Since graduating film school in 2005, I have had the pleasure of not only working professionally in the production and writing landscape... but also as an actress, model and host/interviewer. To see my full acting resume, you can click here. However, if you would just like to see some of my best work, feel free to browse the links (and my modeling photo gallery) below:

the raven of baltimore city.jpg
Feature Films
In October of 2022, I acted in the feature film, "The Raven of Baltimore City" in the supporting role of "Olivia". It is scheduled to be released in January 2024.

Feel free to watch the trailer here.

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Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 10.18.21
Screen Shot 2020-12-21 at 10.19.20
Monologues/Scenes (Acting Class)
For the past 3.5 years, I have been studying under Rob Sedgwick in his advanced acting classes. Here's are some recent scene studies from the award-winning plays, "Burn This" & "The Goat, Or Who is Sylvia?" and a monologue from "A Zoo Story":



Screen Shot 2023-06-22 at 12.39.25 PM.png

I played "Linda" in a brief yet hilarious scene on the new show, "The Narcissists of New York City"; Currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Specifically, the episode was Season 1, Ep. 4 "The Sex List". Check it out here.

A while back... I was called in to audition for the role of "Jeanie"  for CCN's upcoming comedic cooking show, "Wake 'n' Bake"; I'm honored to say that, not only did I land the part, but the show was such a success that they proceeded to use me in several other projects (both in front of, and behind the camera). Check out the following examples of my acting work for CCN below:
Wake 'n' Bake: The Best Intro Ever
Beer Pong Bros: Drama Bros
Wake 'n' Bake: High Butter
Wake 'n' Bake: Brownie Joints
Volcano Bar: Blood Shot
While working for CCN over the course of several years, I was ready to expand my acting resume by increasing my range. I eventually auditioned for a hosting/interviewing position for Fortunately, I was awarded the position and I had a blast interviewing celebrities for red carpet events and hosting a cosplay/video game critiquing show. My position eventually increased to also writing content/articles for their website and to assistant producing. Check out the following examples of my hosting/interviewing work for below:
Tomb Raider Reboot Review
Cheech & Chong Get Animated: Discussing Their New Movie & Facebook Video Game
WWE Hurricane Sandy Relief Red Carpet Event
Half the Sky
DRAMATIC: Killer Goose Films, "Redistribution"
One of my earliest lead acting roles came to me while I worked as a production manager at a company that created videos for upscale events; an editor that I was working with was starting his own film production company and was working on entering a short film contest for NYU/Ticsh School of the Arts. He liked my look and asked if I had any experience acting. I informed him that I had acted in many student projects, while in film school, so he auditioned me for the lead role in his upcoming project. I was offered the role and, although the film didn't win, it was considered an audience favorite. Please watch the trailer and the short film, "Redistribution" below:
Redistribution: Trailer
Redistribution: Short Film
bavarian edge.jpeg


I was also asked to star in three different infomercials where I demonstrate how to use products and offer testimonials.

The Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener

Shoes Under- Charcoal

Trumpy Bear

Still Photos:
Below are some of my favorite modeling pics: These are photos that were taken for professional photographers, clothing and accessory companies. (Coming Soon: Modeling pics from!)
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